Multi-Core Industrial Cables


Multi-Core Industrial Cables

Introducing our Rocker Multi-Core Industrial Cables, the ultimate solution for demanding industrial applications. These cables redefine durability, offering exceptional abrasion resistance and unmatched tensile strength to excel in any environment while extending their operational lifespan. Crafted to endure the rigorous conditions of industrial settings, our Rocker Multi-Core Cables are your reliable choice.

Engineered from bright-annealed 99.97% pure bare copper wires, these cables exhibit minimal conductor resistance, ensuring efficient and dependable electrical connectivity. Our range includes versatile options with 2-core, 3-core, and 4-core variants, catering to diverse industrial needs.

What sets Rocker apart is its robust sheath, carefully coated with a specially formulated PVC mixture. This innovative sheathing not only simplifies the cable stripping process but also fortifies it against all forms of mechanical abrasion encountered during regular usage.

In a world where industrial reliability is paramount, trust Rocker Multi-Core Industrial Cables to deliver uninterrupted performance, withstand the toughest conditions, and provide the longevity your operations demand. Your industrial needs, met with excellence – that's Rocker.


Multi-Core Industrial Cables

Introducing our Rocker Multi-Core Industrial Cables, a pinnacle in performance and durability for demanding industrial settings. Crafted to excel under rigorous conditions, these cables boast superior abrasion resistance and augmented tensile strength, ensuring seamless operation in all environments while extending their overall lifespan.

Engineered with cutting-edge technology, Rocker Multi-Core Industrial Cables feature multiple cores, purposefully designed to withstand the formidable challenges posed by industrial workloads. The cables are meticulously constructed from bright-annealed 99.97% pure bare copper wires, ensuring minimal conductor resistance and optimal conductivity for reliable performance.

Invest in Rocker Multi-Core Industrial Cables – where resilience meets reliability, and performance meets precision. Elevate your industrial operations with cables that redefine durability and set new standards in functionality.

Anti Rodent

Our wires come fortified with advanced Anti-Rodent properties, ensuring that pesky critters stay far away from your cables and allowing them to enjoy a significantly extended lifespan.

Say goodbye to the frustration of wire damage caused by rodents. With Rocker Wires, you can enjoy uninterrupted power and peace of mind, knowing that your wiring is safeguarded against unwanted visitors. Invest in Rocker Wires today and put an end to the rodent-induced woes once and for all.

Flame Retardant

The insulation and sheathing of Rocker Industrial Cables are crafted from PVC compounds of exceptional quality. These compounds exhibit remarkable characteristics, including a high oxygen and temperature index, which play a pivotal role in restricting the propagation of fire in critical situations.

Rocker Industrial Cables are designed with safety as a paramount concern, and our choice of PVC compounds underscores this commitment. When faced with fire emergencies, the inherent properties of these compounds act as a formidable barrier, mitigating the potential spread of flames. This ensures not only the protection of the cables themselves but also contributes to the safety of the surrounding environment.

Rest assured that with Rocker Industrial Cables, you are investing in a solution that prioritizes fire safety and reliability, making them a trusted choice for industrial applications where safety is of the utmost importance.

100% Conductivity

At the core of our cable manufacturing process lies the utilization of electrolytic grade pure bare copper wire, a hallmark of excellence in conductivity. This meticulous choice not only ensures superior electrical performance but also translates into tangible benefits for our customers, notably in the form of reduced power loss along the cable's length.

The high conductivity of our cables is a crucial asset for efficiency-conscious consumers. By minimizing power dissipation during transmission, our cables contribute to substantial energy savings, ultimately reflected in reduced electrical bills. Investing in our cables is not just a matter of quality; it's a strategic decision that promotes both cost-effectiveness and sustainability in your electrical infrastructure.

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