Twin-Parallel Flat Cables


Twin-Parallel Flat Cables

Introducing Rocker Twin Parallel Flat Cable, a versatile solution designed to meet the power supply needs of both household and industrial applications. This cable is engineered with precision, featuring two conductor cores insulated with a high-quality PVC compound to ensure safe and efficient electrical transmission.

At the heart of Rocker Twin Parallel Flat Cable lies the use of bright electrolytic copper conductors. These copper cores are chosen for their exceptional characteristics, including high conductivity, flexibility, and uniform resistance. This combination of features guarantees efficient power delivery while accommodating the diverse requirements of various electrical setups.

Whether you're powering household appliances or supporting industrial machinery, Rocker Twin Parallel Flat Cable stands as a reliable choice that embodies quality and performance. Trust in its capabilities to provide seamless electrical connectivity, making it an essential component in your electrical infrastructure.


Twin-Parallel Flat Cables

Discover the versatility and precision of Rocker Twin Parallel Flat Cables, available in three distinct sizes: 14/60, 23/60, and 40/60. Crafted using state-of-the-art technologies, these cables exemplify reliability and longevity, making them the ideal choice for your electrical needs.

One of the defining features of Rocker Twin Parallel Flat Cables is the meticulous design that incorporates a fine gap between the two cores, seamlessly filled with PVC insulation. This ingenious construction not only maintains the parallel alignment of the insulated cores but also offers the flexibility to be effortlessly torn apart, creating two separate, pliable ends of copper wires.

This unique characteristic renders Rocker Twin Parallel Flat Cables highly adaptable, catering to a diverse range of applications. Whether you require precise customization or versatile performance, these cables are the dependable solution for your electrical projects. Choose Rocker for quality, flexibility, and innovation in electrical connectivity.

High Flexibility

Rocker's Twin-Parallel Flat Cables stand out for their unique insulation, carefully crafted using a specialized PVC compound meticulously designed for their intended purpose. This distinctive insulating material bestows upon the cables an exceptional level of flexibility, elevating their utility value to new heights.

The choice of this particular formulation of PVC compound not only ensures the cables' durability but also enhances their versatility. Whether you require flexibility in tight spaces or the ability to navigate complex electrical setups, Rocker's Twin-Parallel Flat Cables rise to the occasion, offering a solution that marries flexibility with utility, meeting the demands of modern electrical applications. Trust in Rocker for cables that deliver both performance and adaptability.

Easy To Strip

The convenience of easy-to-strip wires and cables is a valuable asset for various electrical applications. With Rocker Twin Parallel Flat Cable, you'll find that the process of removing the insulation from the conductor cores is effortless and requires minimal force. This user-friendly feature not only simplifies the installation process but also enhances overall efficiency.

No more struggling with stubborn insulation materials or wasting precious time and effort during wiring tasks. With Rocker Twin Parallel Flat Cable, you can expect a hassle-free experience, ensuring that your electrical projects are completed swiftly and efficiently. Invest in convenience and efficiency with our cable, and streamline your wiring processes for optimal results.

100% Conductivity

Rocker Twin-Parallel Flat Cable boasts an exceptional manufacturing process, utilizing electrolytic grade bare copper wire renowned for its unparalleled conductivity, rated at a remarkable 100%. This dedication to high-quality materials ensures that our cable stands as a testament to durability, underpinned by its outstanding mechanical and electrical properties.

The superior conductivity of our Rocker Twin-Parallel Flat Cable not only guarantees efficient power transmission but also enhances its longevity, making it an enduring choice for a wide range of applications. With a focus on both performance and reliability, our cable is engineered to excel in demanding electrical environments, setting new standards in durability and conductivity.

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