6A Flat Switch

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With Rocker, you can trust that every flip of the switch brings peace of mind and a safer living environment for your entire family.

Color: White
Pack of: 1
Type: One Way

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6A Flat Switch

6A Flat Switch

White / 1 / One Way


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6A Flat Switch

Introducing Rocker, the trailblazing electrical brand with over 30 years of innovation and a legacy of pushing the boundaries of futuristic design. At the forefront of technology, Rocker has redefined the way we engage with our electrical systems through its groundbreaking switch collection.

Rocker's switches are a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and sleek aesthetics, representing a quantum leap in the world of electrical design. With minimalist designs, smooth contours, and touch-sensitive surfaces, Rocker has seamlessly eliminated the need for traditional buttons and knobs.

Crafted using advanced materials such as precision-engineered brass and high-quality A-grade Polycarbonate, Rocker switches set new standards for durability and responsiveness. They are designed to endure the test of time, ensuring that your interactions with your electrical systems remain flawlessly intuitive.

But Rocker doesn't stop at aesthetics and durability alone. Their switches are equipped with smart functionality that empowers users to effortlessly control various aspects of their homes, from lighting to security, with a simple and satisfying click. Rocker's switches aren't just stylish; they're intelligent, putting you in command of your environment like never before.

Rocker's futuristic design has brought the future of switches to the present day. Their switches seamlessly integrate into modern interiors, adding a touch of elegance while revolutionizing our everyday lives.

About the Product

Rocker: Flawlessly Flat, Masterfully Modular

Discover the details that make our product stand out from the rest.




Modular Switch


A-Grade Polycarbonate


Heavy Brass Parts


High Flame Retardant


Life Time Endurance

The lifetime endurance of a modular switch manufactured by Rocker is truly remarkable, as it has been rigorously tested for over 100,000 operations. This level of durability speaks to the high-quality engineering and craftsmanship that Rocker invests in its products. With a switch capable of enduring such a vast number of operations, it ensures that it can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use for an extended period, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Rocker's commitment to excellence and longevity in their products ensures that customers can rely on their modular switch for many years to come, providing dependable performance and peace of mind.


10 Year Mfg Warranty

Rocker's decision to offer a 10-year manufacturing warranty on their modular switches reflects their confidence in the quality and durability of their products. This warranty is a testament to the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and their belief in the longevity of their switches. It provides customers with a sense of security, knowing that their investment in a Rocker modular switch is not only backed by a reputable manufacturer but also protected for a decade. This warranty is a clear indication that Rocker takes pride in the reliability and performance of their switches, making them a trusted choice for those seeking long-term, dependable solutions for their electrical needs.


Brass Terminals

The extruded brass terminals incorporated on the backside of a modular switch manufactured by Rocker are a prime example of the meticulous design and engineering that goes into their products. Brass is selected for its exceptional conductivity and resistance to heating, ensuring that electrical connections remain efficient and safe. What sets these terminals apart is the thoughtful provision of a liberal terminal hole size, which allows for the accommodation of twin wire looping, enhancing the switch's versatility. The use of screw-type terminal connections is another notable feature, as it enables users to make connections with solid, multi-strand, and flexible wires, providing adaptability and ease of installation. This level of attention to detail in the design of the terminals underscores Rocker's commitment to producing modular switches that are not only high-performing but also user-friendly, meeting the diverse needs of their customers with precision and reliability.

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Ankit Kapoor

Premium Design

I recently upgraded my home's electrical switches to Rocker's premium modular switches, and I couldn't be more pleased with the transformation. The design is truly exceptional, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to every room. The premium finish and quality materials used in these switches are immediately apparent, elevating the overall aesthetics of my home. Functionality is seamless, with smooth and precise operation, and the attention to detail in every aspect of the design is remarkable.

Vishnu Gandhi

Excellent Quality

I can't say enough about the excellent quality of Rocker's modular switches. From the moment I installed them, it was clear that these switches were in a league of their own. The construction and materials used are top-notch, and they exude durability and reliability. What truly stands out is how flawlessly they perform - each press is smooth, and the response is instantaneous. It's evident that Rocker has paid incredible attention to detail in ensuring that their switches are built to last.

Rohit Sharma

Affordable and Convenient

The cost-effectiveness of these switches was a pleasant surprise, considering the high quality and performance they offer. Installation was a breeze, and the convenience of the modular design allowed me to customize and expand my switch configurations effortlessly. Rocker has truly made modernizing my home both affordable and user-friendly. The switches have not only improved the functionality of my space but also added a contemporary touch to my decor. I'm extremely satisfied with the affordability and convenience of Rocker's modular switches.

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