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Surprise your loved ones with the gift of quality electrical products from Rocker, a renowned manufacturer of electrical wire & cable, electrical switches, and accessories in India. With a Rocker gift card, you're giving the gift of safety, convenience, and efficiency in the world of electrical solutions. Whether they're renovating their home or simply enhancing their workspace, Rocker's wide range of products ensures they have the perfect options to choose from. Let your friends and family experience the reliability and innovation that Rocker has brought to countless homes and businesses across the country. Make their next electrical project a breeze with a Rocker gift card.

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Vivo Flat Switch

The Modular Vivo Flat Switch, proudly manufactured by Rocker, represents a pinnacle of safety and quality. Crafted from A-grade polycarbonate with exceptional high flame-retardant properties, this switch ensures the highest level of safety in electrical installations. Moreover, the heavy brass screws at the back provide additional security, offering peace of mind to users. Rocker stands firmly behind the durability of this switch, offering a generous 10-year manufacturing warranty, a testament to their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With Rocker's Modular Vivo Flat Switch, you're not just investing in a product; you're investing in a decade of guaranteed reliability and safety in your electrical systems.

Product specification

Rocker: Flawlessly Flat, Masterfully Modular

Discover the details that make our product stand out from the rest.




Modular Switch




Heavy Brass Parts




Discover the Key Features that Set Our Product Apart.

High Abrasion Resistant

These cables are devised to power submersible pumps that are installed deep in the earth's surface to pump out the groundwater. This makes it very necessary to have superior protection against abrasion due to the harsh and hostile conditions.

Excellent Mechanical & Electrical Properties

Every electrical application requires durable and reliable electrical wiring; it becomes even more crucial when it requires underwater use. Rocker understands the requirements for underwater cabling and manufactures high quality 3-core flat submersible cables that are endowed with excellent mechanical and electrical properties for an uninterrupted power supply, even when submerged underwater.

High Conductivity

Our wires are made using electrolytic grade pure bare copper wire, which awards it 101% conductivity. This helps reduce power loss along the length of the cable and save money on electrical bills.

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